With a deepened and renewed commitment to supporting revolutionary art makers and protecting sustainable art spaces, Restoration launches the dynamic 21st century creative complex: RestorationArt.  Redefining its role in the epicenter of Black culture, Restoration debuts a timely transformation of its Center for Arts and Culture – the cultural centerpiece of the nation’s first community development corporation, to RestorationArt, a creative complex which seeks the voices of the community’s disenfranchised and folds them in with those of world class artists to create new artistic works and community experiences, which tell the stories of the community in dance, music, theater, visual arts and conversation. RestorationArt is a community bastion where new works and new voices are discovered, created, nurtured, performed, and presented to community members from around the corner and the world.



World-class multidisciplinary presenting program


Programming that highlights diverse perspectives of local and global artists and audiences of African descent. Programs are generally held at indoor and outdoor theater spaces and multi-purpose venues located at Restoration Plaza.  Presentations will include theater, live bands, DJs and film screenings, all free-of-charge.

Education, creative expression and community engagement programs


Fostering life-long learning in the arts across all ages and disciplines. Short-term, we will increase enrollment in our Youth Arts Academy (YAA) by 50% from 200 to 300 students; reintroduce visual arts programming in YAA, and expand programming for adult learners from 18 years of age to seniors. Long-term, we will double enrollment and the number of classes offered.

Artistic coalition with world-class arts organizations-in-residence 

The Billie Holiday Theatre

Ronald K. Brown/Evidence

Frank Silvera Writers’ Workshop

introduce comprehensive services for underserved artists that share our mission


Introduce artists and audiences to Restoration’s other services, including financial counseling to help reduce debt, improve credit and increase savings; tax preparation with emphasis on artist write-offs and access to earned income tax credits; and referrals for everything from legal counseling to affordable housing.  

Multi-disciplinary performance, rehearsal and office space for artists